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Return To Country

The story of Australia's Indigenous Protected Areas

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ISBN: 9781925694741
Format: Hardback
Published: February 2018
Published By: Australian Geographic
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In 75 Indigenous Protected Areas across Australia, traditional owners are managing their land for a better future. Indigenous Protected Areas are regions set aside for long-term conservation by the Indigenous people of that area. Aboriginal people have lived on this continent for tens of thousands of years, and have amassed a wide body of knowledge, experience and philosophies. Over this time, Indigenous people groups have adapted to rapid and significant environmental changes with an intricate understanding of the land. Country sustains them and in return, they care for their country. Learn about the IPA program and investigate the ways land is being managed and culture is being preserved around Australia.
ISBN: 9781925694741
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Primary
Published Date: 01-Feb-2018
Dimensions (mm): 271x219mm
Publisher: Australian Geographic

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