3 Exploring Earth's Biomes: Marine Biomes Around the World, Phillip Simpson, 9781543572346 @ Direct Library Supplies

Exploring Earth's Biomes: Marine Biomes Around the World

Author: Phillip Simpson
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ISBN: 9781543572346
Format: Hardback
Published: July 2020
Published By: Capstone
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Product Description

Our world is comprised of many different biomes. In this series, readers will learn about the animals, plants, climate, and geography of each biome. Readers will learn what makes each biome unique, why people life in each biome, as well as what each biome's future might look like.
ISBN: 9781543572346
Number of Pages: 32
Format: Hardback
Reading Level: Primary
Published Date: 01-Jul-2020
Dimensions (mm): 230x203mm
Publisher: Capstone

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