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Octopus!: The Most Mysterious Creature in the Sea

Author: Katherine Harmon Courage
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ISBN: 9781617230141
Format: Paperback
Published: January 2015
Published By: Penguin
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Product Description

Octopuses have been captivating humans for as long as we have been catching them. Yet for all of our ancient fascination and modern research, we still have not been able to get a firm grasp on these enigmatic creatures.

Katherine Harmon Courage dives into the mystifying underwater world of the octopus and reports on her research around the world. She reveals, for instance, that the oldest known octopus lived before the first dinosaurs; that two thirds of an octopus's brain capacity is spread throughout its arms, meaning each literally has a mind of its own; and that it can change colors within milliseconds to camouflage itself, yet appears to be colorblind.

'A pleasant, chatty book on a fascinating subject.' Kirkus Reviews

'[A] well-written, accessible book'. Library Journal

'Katherine Harmon Courage's reportage on what the mollusk is teaching us about robotics, invertebrate intelligence and camouflage is excellent' Nature Journal

'In journalist Katherine Harmon Courage's intimate, expansive portrait of these mysterious creatures, she reveals their role in everything from military research to tasty cuisine.' Psychology Today

'Octopus! is crammed with funny, weird, memorable stories about human interactions with cephalopods that start out strange and only get stranger.' NBCNews.com

'I love Octopus! What creature is more beguiling, expressive and enigmatic? Katherine Harmon Courage's breezy, accessible book introduces us to a top predator, a shape-shifter, a sea mystery that no one can resist.' Sy Montgomery, author of Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest

ISBN: 9781617230141
Number of Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Reading Level:
Published Date: 28-Jan-2015
Dimensions (mm):
Publisher: Penguin

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